Planning for Retail Success

eBook: Planning for Retail Success

One of the biggest shifts the retail industry is seeing today is the end-to-end buyer process. Customers have everything they need to know about a product or service right at their finger tips. Meaning, the processes in which sales reps interact with customers, as well as how retail organizations approach their go-to-market strategies need to be extremely agile.

Taking this one layer deeper, retailers need dynamic planning that allows for tracking performance in real-time and enough agility to adjust to the ever changing market conditions. Excel is still one of the most highly used systems to support planning and forecasting. However, gone are the days of spreadsheets and companies that don't adopt to new technology will be left behind or become obsolete. Download Planning for Retail Success in 2016 and dive deeper into:

  • Industry trends and challenges seen in Retail Planning
  • Two customer case studies on how technology has helped them get the edge over their competition
  • How to transform your planning cycles to be more successful in 2016

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