Riding the SPM Maturity Curve

White Paper: Riding the SPM Maturity Curve

In recent years, the industry has seen organizations increasingly adopt Sales Performance Management (SPM) best practices, be it through ICM or infrastructure automation. Despite this fact, poor data quality and inaccurate compensation payments continue to be one of the biggest issues in the SPM space.

Riding the SPM Maturity Curve: How a Sales Performance Management Assessment can Help Organizations Evolve from Current to Future Modes of Operations provides insight into the importance of a SPM Assessment and how it can lead your organization on the path toward Future Mode of Operations (FMO).

Download Riding the SPM Maturity Curve and learn:

  • What is driving the need for SPM
  • Which industries are using SPM today
  • A framework for building a future mode of operations
  • How to think beyond technology in order to achieve FMO
  • How one organization was able to achieve 105% in the first month

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