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Incentive Compensation and Sales Performance Reporting Practices

Reporting is a staple of sales performance management and a quickly evolving discipline. This research attempts to identify emerging reporting practices that differentiate high performing firms. Our research identifies a number of such practices and reporting capabilities that correlate with improved sales productivity and increased numbers of salespeople achieving quota.

Download our Research Report to see what the data reveals and learn insights like these:

  • Just over half the companies surveyed reported being able to distribute reports in a timely fashion
  • Firms with timely report distribution have more salespeople achieving quota than firms without timely report distribution
  • 91% of firms consider easy-to-understand report design as the most important factor for a good report, but only 52% report the ability to do that effectively.
  • And more!

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Incentive Comp and Sales Performance Reporting Practice

This research initiative was led by Sales Management Association and made possible in part with underwriting support from OpenSymmetry and IBM.